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What Publishers Want from Your Book & How to Pitch it To Them

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How Much Would It Mean If You Got Published?

The How To Pitch iCourse: What Publishers Want From Your Book & How To Pitch It To Them 

Learn all the requirements of a successful manuscript submission.

Just imagine if you got published! 

But do you know what publishers look for?


It's All Covered In the How To Pitch iCourse...

Present your book's unique angle

Analyse the current readership trends

Build and promote your selling platform

Market the book when it's published

Why you're the best person to write this book

Research the right publisher for your book

Identify your competition

And lots more...

We Promise You'll Find A Publisher For Your Manuscript! 

We guarantee that our iCourse will help you find a publisher for your manuscript!

If you don't, you'll get a 100% Full Refund of your iCourse fees*

All you have to do is:

Complete the iCourse

Create your proposal

Submit your manuscript

What's stopping you?

Make Your Manuscript Irresistible To Publishers!

Save Time & Effort!

"As an author new to pitching to publishers, I wanted to create the best professional 'first impression' of my manuscript as possible. The How To Pitch iCourse gave me the exact details of what elements to include in my cover letter, how to create a great synopsis and lots more! The course saved me time and gave me clear guidance for each step. Thanks to the How To Pitch iCourse, I was able to construct a professional pitch ready to tailor to any publisher's wishes."

Karina Chapman, author of Hair Secrets

Developed By Publishers, Editors & Book Marketers!


Discover the Secrets of Pitching to Publishers

Demystify Book Proposals & Cover Letters

Target & Attract Your Ideal Publisher

Over 25+ Checklists, Flowcharts, Templates, and eGuides


Checklists to Complete Each Module

Flowcharts to Write Your Killer Proposal


Simple and Easy to Use Templates

It's Easy to Enrol



Special Introductory Offer

ONLY $397 + GST

*Total $436.70 AUD

100% Money Back Guarantee*

Just Imagine If You Got Published!



*Refund policy based on successful completion of the iCourse and submission of the manuscript proposal within 12 months to 50 identified publishers that specialize in your genre.